Please find below policies adopted by the Academy. A PDF reader will be needed to view these files. You can obtain one from the Adobe website.

Admissions (PDF, 446 KB)
Anti-bullying (PDF, 328 KB)
Attendance (576 KB)
Behaviour for learning (PDF, 780 KB)
Behaviour for learning booklet (PDF, 252 KB)
Catch-up premium (PDF, 123 KB)
Charging and remissions policy (PDF, 59 KB)
Child protection (PDF, 1.6 MB)
Child protection flow chart (73 KB)
Children looked after (PDF, 811 KB)
Child protection and safeguarding - sharing information guidance (PDF, 398 KB)
Complaints (PDF, 205 KB)
Controlled assessment (PDF, 242 KB)
Data protection (PDF, 92 KB)
Disability access action plan (PDF, 242 KB)
Equalities and cohesion (PDF, 70 KB)
Examinations (PDF, 697 KB)
Examinations appeals procedure (PDF, 379 KB)
Exclusions (PDF, 774 KB)
Freedom of information Policy (PDF, 74 KB)
Freedom of information - Publication scheme (PDF, 125 KB)
Freedom of information - Dealing with requests (PDF, 71 KB)
Freedom of information - Dealing with requests - MAP 1 (PDF, 78 KB)
Freedom of information - Dealing with requests - MAP 2 (PDF, 82 KB)
Freedom of information - Exemptions (PDF, 84 KB)
Freedom of information - Public interest (PDF, 76 KB)
Freedom of information - Charging (PDF, 73 KB)
Freedom of information - Standard letters (PDF, 48 KB)
Health and safety (PDF, 179 KB)
Health and safety - statement of intent (PDF, 49 KB)
Keeping children safe in education - part 1 (PDF, 331 KB)
Medication guidance (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Personal, moral, spiritual and social (PDF, 242 KB)
Pupil premium report 2015 (PDF, 142 KB)
Report on equalities (PDF, 153 KB)
Safeguarding children and young people vulnerable to violent extremism (PDF, 828 KB)
Safer recruitment (PDF, 792 KB)
Special educational needs and disability (PDF, 782 KB)
Staff safeguarding children (PDF, 866 KB)
Uniform (PDF, 634 KB)
Working together to safeguard children (PDF, 1.6 MB)



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