Physical education (Core)

GCSE in Physical Education

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Why study this subject?

Fitness and Health are important. PE helps you to stay active, teaches you the importance of physical exercise and leads to good habits for the future.

What will I learn?

In Core PE students are able to participate in a number of activities. All students continue with major games, athletics and gymnastics where they can decide to pursue performing, coaching or officiating in greater depth. Alongside this, students are able to take part in other activities such as trampolining and dance as well as developing their knowledge of “Health Related Exercise” using the Academy’s own fitness facility. Students are expected to study at least two of the following activity areas:

  • Outwit opponents – as in games activities.
  • Accurate replication – as in gymnastics and trampolining.
  • Exercising safely and effectively – as in aerobics and weight training.
  • Performing at maximum levels – as in athletics.
  • Exploring and communicating ideas, concepts and emotions – as in dance.
  • Identifying and solving problems – as in outdoor adventure activities.

In year 11 students have the opportunity to visit venues in the local community during a double PE lesson, such as ice skating, golf, ‘Fitness First’ centre and ten pin bowling.

How will I be assessed?

There are no exams or coursework; this is a non-examined subject.

What qualifications will I get at the end of the course?

You will achieve a GCSE in Physical Education.

What can this qualification lead to afterwards?

Career opportunities include PE teacher, sports coach, fitness Instructor, personal trainer, Public Services, and various roles in the leisure and recreation industry.

Post-16 Progression

For our students exercise should be part of their everyday life. Regular activity helps students to:

  • Keep their weight within a healthy range.
  • Increase strength and stamina for everyday tasks.
  • Lower their risk of illness.
  • Develop strong, healthy bodies.
  • Manage stress and decrease anxiety and depression.
  • Improve confidence.

Where can I find out more about this qualification?

You can see any member of the Physical Education department.



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