Every student and member of staff is allocated to one of four houses, Walters, Parkes, Tolkien and Lloyd. Houses are used as the basis of the pastoral system and for sporting and other competitions. The Houses are named after famous people from Birmingham.

Throughout the year all members of every House can achieve House points. House points may be gained by distinguished work or effort in all aspects of Academy life such as attendance and punctuality, sporting achievement, etc. The House system engenders a culture of ownership, belonging, competition, personal responsibility and leadership.

House Forms House co-ordinator
Walters S and H Mr Chadwick
Parkes E and L Mr Gordon
Tolkien D and O Mrs McKeon
Lloyd N and A Mr Cave

Principal’s Commendation

Every half term from each House a student will be nominated for the Principal’s commendation. They will receive a letter home from the Principal plus an additional House point. They will also have breakfast with the Principal.

Personal tutoring

Once a week, students are with their personal tutor. In mixed age groups of approximately twelve, students will have a chance to talk about and focus on their personal development.