There have been some changes to the pastoral structure this year so your main point of contact for issues relating to your child may be different – for more information please refer to the table below.

Year group Senior leader Student support manager Progress leader

Year 7 Transition

Mr Jones Mr Denver Miss Lanham
Year 8 Mrs Marshall Mrs Smith Mrs Southwell
Year 9 Mr Mitcham
Year 10 Miss Southworth Mrs Shorney Miss Johnson
Year 11 Mr Blair
Year 12 Mrs Sidhu Mrs Hicks-Webbe Mrs Ayling
Year 13 Mrs Everett

All students are put into one of four Houses, with each House being led by a House co-ordinator.

House Forms House co-ordinator
Walters (blue) S and H Mr Chadwick
Parkes (purple) E and L Mr Gordon
Tolkien (green) D and O Mrs McKeon
Lloyd (yellow) N and A Mr Cave