There have been some changes to the pastoral structure this year so your main point of contact for issues relating to your child may be different – for more information please refer to the table below.

Year group 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Office Purple Purple Blue Blue Green Sixth Form Sixth Form
Mrs Sidhu (Head of Sixth Form)
Year team leader Mr Jones Mr Jones Ms Marshall Ms Marshall Ms Southworth Mr Parkes Ms Ayling
Pastoral manager Mr Denver Ms Kaur Ms Smith Mr Mitcham Mr Blair Ms Hicks-Webbe Ms Hicks-Webbe
Progress manager Ms Lanham Ms Lanham Ms Southwell Ms Johnson

All students are put into one of four Houses, with each House being led by a House co-ordinator.

House Forms House co-ordinator
Walters (blue) S and H Mr Chadwick
Parkes (purple) E and L Mr Gordon
Tolkien (green) D and O Mrs McKeon
Lloyd (yellow) N and A Mr Cave