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Year 7 Football house competition

We had our first Year 7 football house competition and it was a huge success. We had an incredible 70 students turn up after school! 30 girls and 40 boys. It was great to see so many students excited and eager to represent their form and house. It was a great start to the year as it was the first house competition and it was a huge success. We hope to push many more opportunities for our students moving forward. Thanks to all staff for your support with this event.

Special thanks to staff for coming down and cheering their form on, the students were truly grateful for your time and support. After calculating the overall scores, here are the results for the house winners:

  • 1st - Parkes - 48 points
  • 2nd - Lloyd - 46 points
  • 3rd - Tolkien - 44 points
  • 4th- Walters - 36 points

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