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Into Year 7 and In-Year


Year 7 admissions

We are an Academy for students (boys and girls of all backgrounds) between the ages of 11 and 18. We have a Published Admission Number (PAN) of 210 for each year group. Parents/guardians will not have to pay fees to send their children to the Academy, nor will potential students have to pass an entrance exam. Free school meals will be provided to students entitled to receive them. Applications for Year 7, starting September 2023, should be made through Birmingham City Council School Admissions (see link below) or by using the Local Authority preference form. Details of open sessions are published in the Birmingham City Council secondary education information booklet given to parents by their primary schools in September.


Where there are more applications than there are places available at the Academy the following criteria will be used to determine which children will be allocated places: 

  • Looked after children (in public care).
  • Children who have a brother or sister already at the Academy and who will be in attendance in September 2023.
  • Children who live nearest to the Academy.

Within each of these categories, priority will be given to those who live nearest the Academy, calculated on the basis of a straight-line measurement between home and the Academy. For admission into all other year groups please contact the Academy.

Birmingham City Council School Admissions service

Admissions to other years

Parents and carers should contact the Academy and ask for an in-year application form. This should be returned to the Academy. When a place becomes available the following criteria will be applied after the admission of students with special educational needs where KESH Academy is named on the statement.

  • Children in public care.
  • Admission of students whose siblings currently attend the Academy and who will continue to do so on the date of admission.
  • Admission of students on the basis of proximity to the Academy using a straight line measurement from the main entrance of the Academy to the child’s home address.

Link to Admissions Policy

In Year Admissions Form (DOCX, 240 KB)

Appeal against admission decision

The National Offer date is 1st March 2023. If your application for a place at KESH Academy has been unsuccessful you may appeal against the decision. Appeals must be submitted by 29th March 2023 via Birmingham City Councils admissions page (link below).

To see details of each year’s admissions arrangements including arrangements for the 2025/26 academic year, please see the policies section of the website here.

The Trust

King Edward VI Academy Trust Birmingham is a charitable company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales. Registered number 10654935. Registered office: Foundation Office, Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham, B15 2UD. Tel: 0121 472 1147.